MIT3 Serisi Manometre

Ø 63 (2 1/2″) – 100 (4″) mm
Stainless steel case, Ø 63 mm and 100 mm (MIT3, MIT5)
Filled with dampening liquid
Anti-vibrating system
Conform to EN 837-1 standard, Pressure Directive PED

Rugged, glycerin filled pressure gauges, especially designed for
hydraulic systems, pumps, compressors, diesel engines, agricultural equipment, public works, machine tools… Excellent resistance to
vibrations and corrosive ambient conditions. Can be used on all gas
and liquid systems compatible with cupreous metals of the sensing
element and connection.

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Specifications (20°C)
MIT Pressure gauges filled with dampening liquid
Ranges MIT3-MIT5 : from -1…+ 0 to 0…+ 1000 bar
Scale for vacuum and compound (pressure and
See standard graduations overleaf.
Working pressure steady : 75% of full scale value
short time : 100% of full scale value
Accuracy Class 2,5%
Degree of protection according to NF EN 60529
IP54 (Ø 63) : MIT3
IP65 (Ø 100) : MIT5
Sensing element Cupreous metal Bourdon tube.
Connection Brass.
14 mm hexagonal (Ø 63 mm).
21 mm hexagonal (Ø 100 mm).
Thread G 1/4 (Ø 2 63 mm).
G 1/2 (Ø 100 mm).
Tube-connection assembly Welding.
Gauge working process fluid: -10 … 70°C
Temperature error additional error when temperature of the pressure
element deviates from +20°C (68°F) ±0.4% for every
10°C (18°F) rising or falling. Percentage of span.
Case and bezel ring 1.4301 (AISI 304) st. st. sheet. Bezel ring crimped on
case (MIT).
Window Unbreakable polycarbonate (MIT).
Dial Aluminium alloy, black figures and graduations
on white background.
Pointer Aluminium alloy, balanced, black painted.
Movement Brass.


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