HONSBERG Flow transmitter with LCD OMNI-RRH

LCD’li akış vericisi
Analog ve 2 anahtarlama çıkışı
Su ve sulu çözeltiler için
Metal gövde
Bağlantı elemanları DN 10 – DN 25


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● Uncomplicated measurement of flow rates
● Metal housing with Hall sensor
● Working pressure up to 100 bar
● Long working life thanks to high quality ceramic axis and
special plastic bearing
● Run-in and run-out sections are not necessary.
● Modular construction with various
connection systems
● Plug-in and rotatable connections
● Analog output 4..20 mA or 0..10 V
● Two programmable switches
● Graphical LCD display, backlit,
can be read in sunlight and in the dark
● Selectable units in the display
● Programmable parameters via rotatable, removable ring
(programming protection)
● Electronics housing with non-scratch, chemically
resistant glass
● Rotatable electronic housing for best reading position
● Designed for industrial use
● Small, compact construction
● Simple installation
● Optionally, non-return valve, filter, constant flow rate device in the connections


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