HONSBERG Flow Transmitter/Switch LABO-HD1K-S

Elektronik akış anahtarı
Piston sıralı / kompakt elektronik
DN 8 – DN 25, 80 l / dk’ya kadar. H2O
1 x itme çekme, öğretilebilir
Pirinç / paslanmaz çelik malzemeler


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Mechanical flow switch, for fluid media, with spring-supported piston and magnetic triggering of Hall sensors. Robust construction
in brass or stainless steel.
The LABO electronics fitted to the device make available an electronic switching output (Push-Pull) with adjustable characteristics
(minimum/maximum) and hysteresis, which responds when an adjustable limit is fallen short of or exceeded.
If desired, the switching value can be set to the currently existing
flow using “teaching”. Models with analog or pulse output are also
available (see separate data sheets).
In contrast to electromechanical switches (Reed contacts or microswitches), electronic switches are insensitive to impact and wear.
There is no galvanic separation from the supply circuit.


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