GESTRA BK 45/46 Thermostatic steam traps

  • DN 15 -25 (½” – 1″)
  • PN 40 / CLASS 300
  • Max. differential pressure: 22/32 bar
  • Easy-to-install RHOMBUSline body with recessed body gasket and metal base bushing
  • Integrated non-return valve action
  • Dirt strainer with large surface area (Y-strainer)
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The traps regulate the flow of medium using a highly responsive Thermovit regulator. Specially shaped bimetallic plates arranged one above the other expand as the media temperature rises, moving the stage nozzle. The flow orifice closes. In the cold state, the regulator is fully open. That is why steam traps from the BK series boast an excellent start-up performance.


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