ETTN-YTTN Serisi Dijital Sıcaklık Anahtarı

ETTN range digital temperature switches are intended for temperature control for industrial process management.
Based on microprocessor technology, the temperature switches can be
programmed completely on site using code protected keys.
The output signal (4…20 mA or 0…10 V) is adjustable between
-200°C and 400°C.
It is possible to reduce the errors due to thermal resistance of the
pipe or thermowell by manually entering the process fluid temperature
into the ETTN.
The ETTN range comprises three models: with the temperature
measurement by a submerged probe, deported probe or by surface

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Measurement range Configurable in the range: -200…400°C/ -328…752°F
Minimum measurement range: 30°C / 54°F
Display -1999 to +9999 points. 4 digit red LEDs (8 mm high)
Power supply voltage ETTN6/ETTNM : 10 …32 VDC, regulated.
Protection against polarity reversals
ETTN5 : 18 …32 VDC regulated
YTTN : 10…28 VDC regulated
ETTN7 : 12…32 VDC regulated
Consumption YTTN/ETTN6/ETTN7 < 22 mA.
ETTN5 : 50 mA max.
ETTNM : Typ. 20 mA. Communicating : 100 mA
Load impedance YTTN/ETTN6: RΩ ≤ (Usupply-10)/0.02
ETTN5 : RL ≤ 400 W
ETTN7 : RC > 5 kW
Output signal YTTN/ETTN6: 4…20 mA (2 wires)
ETTN5 : 4…20 mA (3 wires)
ETTNM: Modbus communication
ETTN7: 0-10 V
Threshold outputs ETTN6/ETTN7-: PNP transistors, 400 mA at 24 VDC
ETTN5/ETTNM: static relays, 400 mA at 60 VDC or 40 VAC
YTTN : PNP transistors, 40 mA at 28 VDC
Threshold adjustment range 2% to 98% of the measurement range
Typical response time ≤ 20 ms
of the threshold outputs
Accuracy ± 0.5°C to 0°C
Drift ± 0.005°C/°C max
Repeatability ± 0.2°C
Sensing element Pt1000 probe, class B according to DIN/EN/IEC 60751
Probe response time T90 < 10 s (model with stem) (in water)
T90 < 30 s (face mounted models)


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